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Eyelash Extensions

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Mink eyelashes extensions have a number of benefits over other types of eyelashes:
  • -Looks more saturated while remaining natural, they have a fairly strong color component;
  • -These lashes are ideal for those girls who have always dreamed of quite dark eyelashes;
  • -Greater volume and length;
  • -Resistance against water treatments and high temperatures;
  • -Eyelash made with high craftsmanship, not only make you irresistible, but will not cause any harm to health.
  • Another advantage is their naturalness and genuineness.

As practice shows, This is likely the most reliable way to buy beautiful eyelashes , spending about two hours of free time. Typically, real mink eyelashes extensions not done Be individually, because artificial eyelashes are glued directly on each cilium life, which in turn strongly protects a person from itchy or allergies. For girls who still, for whatever reasons, are afraid to build lashes, experts recommend mink eyelashes than the entire length of the century, but only in the outer corners. Eyes with such cilia will look more flirty and not leave anyone indifferent so-called cat or fox effect. Mink eyelashes extensions if promptly take corrective action, will be in perfect condition for several months.

eyelash extansions

  • Full set: $149  value $250                                
  • Refill (2,5-3 weeks): $60              
  • Extensions on the corners: $65                  
  • Lashes removal: $30 
  • Eyelash tinting: $30                      
  • Eyebrow tinting: $20
  • Bride’s makeup: $ 70
  • Bridesmaid’s makeup $60
  • Wedding updo $70